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Ready to run, 2-3 session Undead tomb side quest. $3.95


Plunder an undead tomb, face fiendish, complex traps and decipher runic mysteries in this ‘drop in’ adventure for levels 6 to 8. The adventure begins when the party are attacked by spectral assailants at night and meet the ghost of a long dead warrior, learning about the barrow tomb of Beygen, the Bull King. The dungeon itself is easy to prep and fast paced. A dangerous gauntlet adventure reminiscent of the the Indiana Jones films with plenty of head-scratchers, goal focused combats, puzzles and traps loaded with decision points; all set against a rich, well-researched history.

34 pages of beautifully designed and fully bookmarked PDF with gorgeous all orginal human art work, handouts, original maps, dungeon room cross-sections, custom monsters and DMing tips. This adventure is easy to run quickly if your players take an unexpected turn and you need to whip out some quality D&D content. Impress your players with the reality and size of your game world by having this exciting adventure ready to go. The Bull King awaits …

Exploration focused, potion and poison crafting system.

Crafting Potions in Dungeons and Dragons can be fun and adventurous! It can be so much more than just a way to save half the cost of a healing potion in a week of downtime.

Crazy Bazdoo and Coco Berry will guide you through the techniques and practises of herbology, alchemy and toxin production by showing you how to forage your own ingredients and brew your own heady blends.

More than just a ‘book of buffs’, Remedies and Toxins adds a new way for players to explore your game world.

  • Details of herbs and their habitats with a simple foraging rule system;
  • Recipes for minor potions with a crafting system that works on the road or in a dungeon;
  • Focus crafting on player decisions and exploration and not just on stats and dice rolls;
  • Boost player options in combat, provide a much needed pick me up and bring a bit more life into that herbology kit or alchemical supplies they’ve been carting around for seven levels!

Ready to run, 2-3 sessions, explore a volcano, brave a goblin city, face a dragon. $2.95

Aid the plight of a travelling people, explore a dormant volcano and a goblin city before facing a red dragon atop his eyrie. A great side-quest adventure for levels 8 to 10, ready to run tonight with dungeon plans, cross-sections for aerial battles in a cave system, custom stat blocks and combat guides!

22 pages of full colour PDF using the PHB layout as well as PC versions of multiple original battle-grids and handouts. Richly detailed with lots of tips and practical suggestions on how to run the adventure including combat tactics, pacing and tension, social challenges, communicating failure states meaningfully and much more.